UT Dallas supports its chess team through competitive scholarships. Students may apply by submitting a recruitment form directly to the program director after reading the important information here.

  • Undergraduate scholarships: Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible to receive one of three different merit scholarships.
  • Graduate scholarship: GMs and IMs that are pursuing a master’s may be eligible for an I.g scholarship.

Visit the scholarship details page for more information.

To Apply: Complete the Recruitment Form to be contacted by our chess team recruiter.

Undergraduate Admissions Process

Apply Early

  • Only students who have been accepted and enrolled at UT Dallas are eligible to receive chess scholarships.
  • Students that apply to UT Dallas by November 15 receive priority consideration, as scholarship funding is limited.

To apply to UT Dallas, review the freshman application process or transfer application process.

Ideally, applicants will start reading this webpage during the spring semester (March-May) a year before a scholarship is to be awarded.

Students who receive a chess scholarship will be informed of their award soon after being admitted to UT Dallas.

November 15: To guarantee an admission decision prior to the March 31 deadline, applicants should submit a completed application for admission with all required materials prior to November 15.

January 15: Priority consideration for scholarships is given to students who are admitted to the University by January 15.

International Students

Review the international freshman or international transfer requirements in order to schedule TOEFL or SAT exams in advance. Academic performance must be high and students should plan to study extra for the SAT verbal portion, or take the SAT a second time to improve their scores.

International applicants should also make time to submit visa paperwork after they are accepted to UT Dallas.

Titled Players: International Masters and Grandmasters are invited to contact Jim Stallings. The U.S. Chess Federation rule restrictions for titled players, such as International Masters and International Grandmasters, have been amended to allow older students to compete on college chess teams. For more information, see chess eligibility.